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Oven Pride v OCD Oven Cleaning

Oven Pride From £8 v OCD From £45 - No brainer!

Not really, lets look at Control of Substances Hazardous to Heatlh COSHHAll products carry a SDS (Safety Data Sheet)on this will be information about what the product is made of and what dangers to safety it has potentially.

Here is a link to Oven Pride's SDS

Still think it is a bargain? I often clean ovens on which this product has been used, The client hasn't totally washed away all the residue of the Oven Pride, the result is a white power that builds up in the Fan area at the back of the oven and consequently is blown around your oven whilst your food is being cooked.

So you are eating the chemicals which make up this product.

Scary, it also burns the surfaces it is left on, resulting in white scorch marks.

Now take a look at the SDS of my main product Astonish Oven Paste.

Now, you see why, I use Astonish products, all the products I use have less than 5% chemicals in them and I only put the oven racks in the tank which contains the 5%.

Also none of my products have been made by testing on animals.If you use OCD Oven Cleaning you can feel safe that not only is your oven clean and hygienic but they are safe to use.

Do you not let your friends in your kitchen?

Does your oven Smoke at least twice a day?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions you need Doug from OCD Ovencleaners.

You need to stop your oven smoking, not only is it a fire hazard but you, your children or your friends are breathing these fumes in.

Also there is no smoke without fire, it's dangerous and unhygienic to use your oven when it is dirty. Also your oven won't cook at the correct temperatures when dirty, so if you are cooking to an exact recipe, ie a cake, your times will be out and it might make a difference to the appearance and taste of your cake or dinner.

Let Doug come and turn your oven into a hygienic, safe and gleaming appliance call him today on:

07933661918 or 07477617852